Woodinville is amidst a time of unprecedented growth, and with this growth comes both new opportunities and new challenges. We have the opportunity now to plan and build a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly downtown. We also face challenges when it comes to managing traffic congestion, improving accessibility, protecting neighboring agricultural lands, and preserving the character and charm of our neighborhoods. None of these opportunities will be realized, however, and none of the challenges will be met without future-facing planning, fresh perspectives, innovative solutions, collaborative decision-making, and visionary leadership. We can either let the natural growth and development happen haphazardly, or we can intentionally shape Woodinville's growth and development through sensible policies that will retain our community's wooded character and small-town charm, increase accessibility, improve traffic flow, encourage diversity, support homegrown business, protect the environment, and strengthen neighborhoods. Let's grow Woodinville together!


Woodinville is deeply connected with its natural environment. Defined by forests, streams, farmland, and fields, Woodinville embraces it's rural character and celebrates the beauty of the natural world. The people of Woodinville share the values of environmental stewardship, appreciation of nature, and commitment to maintaining natural green spaces. City government should reflect those same values. With the preservation of greenbelts and parklands, and increased accessibility to parks for all residents.


But environmental sustainability goes much further than simply creating and maintaining beautiful public green spaces, it also requires commitments to green energy, to the reduction of carbon emissions, and to environmentally-friendly building practices. The most challenging issue facing our community, country, and world is climate change, and how we respond to this challenge will define us. Because the problem is so immense it requires action at all policy-making levels, including city government. With the projected growth in Woodinville, we have a unique opportunity to take a lead in environmental sustainability. Together we can work to ensure our community is green and sustainable not only now but for generations to come.


The City Council's purpose is to represent the best interests of the people of Woodinville - to be the voice of the people in city hall. We must have a Council that is accessible, responsive and effective - a City Council that works for all of us. The people of Woodinville deserve nothing less. City Council must listen to the people of Woodinville, and respond to citizen ideas, suggestions, and concerns. It is time to challenge the status quo, to bring fresh perspectives and new ideas to city hall, to prioritize citizen needs, and to build a brighter future together.

For too long Woodinville's City Council has been mired in division. We can do better. For too long some Councilmembers have been content to fix potholes instead of sharing bold ideas and taking on ambitious projects. We can do better. For too long City Council has been inaccessible, unresponsive, and ineffective. Together, we can do better.

We can prioritize people. We can collaborate. We can listen. We can work together to build community. Together we can face our community's challenges, embrace opportunities, plan for the future, and create the city we all can be proud of. Together we can make City Council accessible, responsive, and effective. Together, we can do better.