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Growing Together


As a father of three boys - Ben (11), Adam (8), and Theo (6) - and a brand new baby girl, Silvia, I am committed to working for a bright and prosperous future for them. This campaign is about the future of Woodinville, and how we can shape that future together.


Woodinville is at a unique moment in its history and development. We face a crossroads that will define our community for decades to come. Our city is in the fastest growing region in the United States, and with that growth comes both opportunity and challenge. The most pressing issue facing Woodinville, and the most impactful on its future, is how we manage growth within the City now. That is why, more than ever, we need Sensible Growth and Development that respects Woodinville's history, celebrates and protects its character and charm, and leads in Environmental Sustainability. This is only possible with a high-functioning, forward-facing city government - a city government that works for all of us. That is why I will work to ensure that City Council is Accessible, Responsive, and Effective. The people of Woodinville deserve nothing less.


I am excited to bring my fresh perspective, innovative problem-solving, and ability to get things done to City Council. I am eager to work cooperatively with residents, neighbors, and friends to protect Woodinville's unique character and charm while building a bright and prosperous future. But to do this I need Your Help! Please commit to vote, volunteer, and donate.


Let's grow Woodinville together!


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I spent my childhood roaming the forests and exploring the shores of Whidbey Island where I grew up. Island life gave me a unique sense of place and an undying appreciation for the Pacific Northwest. As a third-generation Washingtonian, I value community, the natural environment, hard work, service, and family. 

From an early age, I embraced the ethic of service. As a youth, I volunteered with Washington State Search and Rescue, joined a humanitarian mission in Mexico, and taught English and worked on community development projects in Thailand. More recently I have volunteered as an umpire for Northshore Little League, served as Vice Chair for both the PACE program at Woodmoor Elementary School and Woodinville's Parks and Recreation Commission, participated in several service projects with local nonprofit organizations, and, currently, serve on Woodinville's Public Spaces Commission. Service has taught me that together we can make real change in our community and world.


Sierra Club

Elected Officials

Congresswoman Suzan Delbene

Woodinville City Councilwoman Susan Boundy-Sanders

Woodinville City Councilwoman Paula Waters

45th District




Woodinville is amidst a time of unprecedented growth, and with this growth comes both new opportunities and new challenges. We have the opportunity now to plan and build a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly downtown. We also face challenges when it comes to managing traffic congestion, improving accessibility, protecting neighboring agricultural lands, and preserving the character and charm of our neighborhoods.


The City Council's purpose is to represent the best interests of the people of Woodinville - to be the voice of the people in city hall. We must have a Council that is accessible, responsive and effective  - a City Council that works for all of us.


Woodinville is deeply connected with its natural environment. Defined by forests, streams, farmland, and fields, Woodinville embraces it's rural character and celebrates the beauty of the natural world. The people of Woodinville share the values of environmental stewardship, appreciation of nature, and commitment to maintaining natural green spaces. City government should reflect those same values.


This campaign is about you. In order to serve you to the best of my ability, I need to hear your voices. I want to hear what is working well and what we need to improve on as a community. Whether you want to host a neighborhood coffee, help us knock on doors, or make a donation, I appreciate your support and involvement. Let's do this together!